Sunday, March 27, 2011

Tournament Day "Deluxe" Utility Sack

Here are some pictures of the progress on the NEW Utility Sack 2.o rough draft. Deluxe Edition

Double Layer 500 Cordura and 200 nylon, both layers are waterproof. Also a new exterior pocket with a pull tab and lock'n'hook.

The two double sides of the sack.

A new nylon webbing trim on the inside.

Lock'n'hook is now all way through the opening of the sack with pull tabs.

Exterior Pocket.

I am happy with this new version, it has a nice weight and feel much more Heavy-Duty with all of the improvements. Thanks to everyone who had suggestions and comments from the first batch of sacks I made. Looking forward to hear what you guys think about this version. Lots more colors coming soon.

Also, be on the look out for The Black Labels prizes and merch at...
  • West Lafayette Riverside Bike Polo Tourney on April 2nd
  • Derby Debauchery Weekend Polo Tourney on May 6-8 in Louisville
  • 9th Midwesterns Bike Polo Championship on May 21-22 in Bloomington, IN